Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I see colors?

    You can visit our manufacturer website in Germany for very detailed fabric photos and close up. Under you can select... your product and colors as well. However, we do not want you to pick any fabric through your computer screen or tablet. Write down the 5-digit number and request an actual fabric sample from us.

  • How do I order your blinds and shades?

    Our ordering process is very simple and straight forward. As a first step, you take rough measurements from the windows... and doors you want to cover and email them to us. We will respond with pricing for your shades within 24 hours and if our pricing works with your budget, we will send fabric samples and talk installation options.

  • Why is the installation so easy?

    Over the years we developed installation types for our blinds and shades to accommodate almost any requirement of the window... and found ways to simplify the complete installation. Some of the installation types do not even require any tools or if you need a tool, then it is a screwdriver only. You can find several installation videos here on YouTube.

  • Do you have any reviews?

    You will find many reviews about our products, our service and the Fenstermann experience...on side such as Facebook, Google, Houzz or Yelp. Feel free to follow the link to read through them.

  • Why are your blinds and shades so narrow?

    Fenstermann shades are only 22 mm for our single pleated blinds and 25 mm for honeycomb shades in depth... We do not have a header and do our shades have strings across your glass. For the installation we require only one small mounting shoe to each corner of your windows or trim and that’s it. This allows our bottom-up top-down shades to be such a narrow product and install to a shallow depth of only 12 mm. A brochure for our products you can find here.

  • Do your blinds and shades work with Tilt and Turn Windows?

    Fenstermann Bottom-up Top-down blinds and shades were originally made for European style tilt and turn windows... They install directly to your window sash in front of the glass and to travel with the unit. The narrow blinds and shades are only 1 inch and pass behind the window handle. The 4 mounting pieces (one to each corner) ensure a secure installation to the window. A brochure with more information can be found here.

  • What is included in your price?

    Fenstermann prices are always all-inclusive prices. Any fabric, any installation type and your door. There are no surprises at the end and no hidden fees or cost.

  • What is the difference between blinds and shades?

    Fenstermann offers Pleated Blinds and Honeycomb Shades. The difference is in the fabric. Pleated Blinds are a single layer z-fold fabric... and Honeycomb Shades are a double layer fabric that create a honeycomb cell between the fabric. Honeycomb Shades offer a higher insulation between the window and the room and have no visible strings running through the fabric. They are also slightly more expensive. Request more information here.

  • What does light filtering and blackout mean?

    All our blinds and shades open bottom-up and top-down and offer a maximum in versatility. The fabrics are available in light-filtering or blackout... Light filtering means that you have full privacy and still have light coming through the fabric. This fabric is perfect for your kitchen, living rooms or family rooms. It can also be use in bedrooms if you do not need your room to be fully dark to sleep. If you do need a dark room to sleep, you are opting for a blackout fabric. This fabric does not allow for light coming through and blocks out your room about 97% (you will have a small light leakage of approx. 2 mm on each side between the fabric and the window trim which is required for an optimal operation of the shades.)

  • What is the minimum depth you require for an inside mount installation?

    We require 12 mm in depth for an inside mount installation. Depending on the actual depth you have on your trim...or window, the blinds and shades might stick out 3 mm bis 12 mm, but they do not cover your window trim. They also operate bottom-up and top-down.

  • What are the maximum sizes available for the blinds and shades?

    Bottom-up Top-down shades can be ordered in a maximum width of 1800 mm. If you do have a larger picture window...for example, you can install two bottom-up top-down shades next to each other or opt for a shade that operates bottom-up on a continuous chain.

  • How can I contact you or one of your dealers?

    We are only a phone call away, you can video chat with us via Facetime, WhatsApp or Zoom or you can just...send us a text or email. Under normal circumstances you will get a response within 24 hours or faster.