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Available in hundreds of fabrics, prints and colors.
Most clients come to us because they encounter a problem after they get new windows: the old Window Shades don’t fit anymore, and new ones are too big and bulky for an inside mount installation. Clients love our immediate response via email, phone or video and we get them the information they need. We have excellent customer service and are still available years after the client actually purchased the product.
Our clients love how easy the installation of the Window Shades is. They need a screwdriver and that’s it. The outcome is always a perfect fit shade.

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About Fenstermann LLC

Window Treatments Canada

My name is Ingo Scholz and I am the CEO and owner of Fenstermann Window Fashion. We specialize in all styles of Window Fashion Made in Germany
and bring new and exciting fabrics to the Canadian market. We
are best known for our Narrow Window Blinds and Window Shades that install to a shallow depth of only ½ inch.

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About Fenstermann

Fenstermann LLC offers Window Blinds and Window Shades for European tilt and turn windows that are inside mount and install directly to the window sash/panel and
pen bottom-up and top-down.

A Pleated Window Blind is a horizontally z-folded (= pleated) fabric that is secured between two aluminum profiles and attached to a tension cord. This allows the blinds to move to any position of the window or door.

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A Honeycomb Window Shade is two pleated layers of fabric joined together building a honeycomb shape. The fabric is fixed between two horizontal aluminum rails and operates on a tension cord system bottom-up and top-down.

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