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Window Treatments for Tilt and Turn Windows, Folding Doors, and Narrow Depth Window Trims.

Being married is a question of time

In British Columbia, couples that have lived together for two years have the same rights and responsibilities as married couples. Under the act, a spousal relationship begins either the day a couple is married or on the day they move in together, whichever comes first.

The countryside of BC with all its beauty – what does this have to do with window treatments? Actually, they have a lot in common. Having a great lake view for example requires a beautiful as function blind or shade that does not take away from this view but still provide you with the privacy needed. Nothing should distract your view from a beautiful mountain view – for sure not strings running across your glass. Fenstermann shades open bottom-up and top-down and provide you with an unobstructed view to any of your favorites: lake, mountain or loved ones. They can be move to any position in your windows and doors for changing requirements such as light, privacy or both at once.

Fenstermann LLC offers narrow depth blinds and shallow shades to cover windows with beautiful trims. We work exclusively with German manufacturers to provide superior blinds and shades for European-style tilt and turn windows.
Our clients love how easy our shades and blinds can be self-installed. All our shades are delivered directly to your door and include everything you need for the installation.


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