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The Hotel De Glace is the first and only ice hotel in North America

Just 10 minutes’ drive from downtown Québec City lies the Ice Hotel (‘Hotel de Glace’) which is the only ice hotel in America entirely made of ice and snow. The structure is rebuilt each year and takes 50 workers, including fifteen sculptors, six weeks to build and requires over 30,000 tons of snow. It is open till end of March.

Fenstermann LLC

Quebec City with its historical homes was the perfect place to introduce our blinds and shades in 2020. These historical windows with beautiful wood trims required minimalistic blinds and shades that could be installed inside mount to preserve the beauty of the actual windows. These blinds and shades do not cover up the beautiful trims nor are they bulky to take away from the window design. And their bottom-up top-down functionality makes them the most wanted blinds and shades in the market.

Fenstermann LLC offers narrow depth blinds and shallow shades to cover windows with beautiful trims. We work exclusively with German manufacturers to provide superior blinds and shades for European-style tilt and turn windows.
Our clients love how easy our window shades and window blinds can be self-installed. All our window shades are delivered directly to your door and include everything you need for the installation.

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