Why Choose Us?

Window Treatments Canada

  • Who is Fenstermann (what makes you stand out and why did you get started)?
  • What has drawn clients to you in the past?
  • Tell us some times that you have beat out the competition (what was the deciding factor from your clients perspective)?

I always had an interest and passion for interior design – mainly modern and minimalistic and colorful.
I have seen these products in Europe, and I wanted to bring them to the US market. So I did in 2003 and since then we are growing every year and became more known in the market. Nowadays are now best known for our narrow depth bottom up top down shades and blinds.

We believe form and function of shades must complement and not compromise so we start with about 500 fabrics for single pleated blinds, 210 fabrics for honeycomb shades and 700 fabrics for roller shades and panel blinds. Unique, appealing, different, and fresh.

We solve shading problems! Narrow depth inside mount installation, minimalistic shades, new fabrics and design, odd shapes.

We offer quality Made in Germany what our clients can see and feel in every detail of the product.

Most clients come to us because they encounter a problem after they get new windows: the old shades don’t fit anymore, and new ones are too big and bulky for an inside mount installation. They start researching the web for a solution and sooner or later, they find Fenstermann shades that solve this problem. Our narrow depth shades are only 1 inch in depth and require only ½ inch in depth for an inside mount installation.
Our smallest roller shade system is only 2 inch in depth – perfect for a flush inside mount installation for new construction or store fronts.

Clients love our immediate response via email, phone or video and we get them the information they need. We work with our clients the whole process of finding the perfect shades to install them.

We have excellent customer service and are still available years after the client actually purchased the product.

Our clients love how easy the installation of the shades is. They need a screwdriver and that’s it. The outcome is always a perfect fit shade.

(Please see our reviews on HOUZZ.com – here you can see why clients love us and our products)

We have an honest and clear upfront pricing for all of our products. One price for any of our single pleated blinds, one price for any of our honeycomb shades and one price for roller shades – regardless the type of fabric or installation. Always delivered free to your doorsteps.

We offer blinds and shades for European tilt and turn windows (turn and tilt windows, turn tilt window, tilt turn window) that are inside mount and install directly to the window sash/panel and open bottom up and top down.

The deciding factor was that we were able to solve a shading problem. A designer recently told me that Fenstermann is not selling blinds and shades as all the other big players in the market do – Fenstermann solves window treatment problems.
We impress with quality, function and design in a way that has not been done before. Our narrow depth blinds and shades are only 1 inch in depth and have no header. No strings across the glass and no pull strings to bring the shades up and down. Minimalistic design in hundreds of fabrics.
And all made in Germany.

We are personal – I never sold a product to a client that was not the perfect fit. I always ask myself what would I do, if this was my home and a client can feel this honesty.
We offer drill free installation for European style tilt and turn windows and doors, folding doors, accordion doors. The shade travels with the unit.
Perfect to sunrooms, odd shapes, skylights – manages light and privacy and views with our bottom up top down standard function.
We have shades for small windows; the smallest shade we can build is 8 x 8 inches